2015 Round Lake Area Queens Pageant

2014 & 2015 Round Lake Area Queens
2014 & 2015 Round Lake Area Queens

RLA 2015 Pageant winners chosen June 25th

The Round Lake Area 2015 Pageant was held on June 25th at the Round Lake Beach Cultural and Civic Center. The Pageant Director was Rachel Tosado, Assistant Director Sam Murphey, Mistress of Ceremonies Celina Porretta. This years Pageant judges were Deb Beaudoin, Angela Meeks, and Michelle Reisdorf. Brendan Leetch did the vote tabulating.


The contestants were as follows:
For Little Miss
1) Dakota Cleaver
2) Jaelyne Ochoa
3) Erin Brady

For Junior Miss
1) Jaina Castiglia
2) Jessa McFarlin
3) Abby Hendrickson
4) Alyia Thibault
5) Abigail Hernandez

For Miss
1) Kaila Pullega
2) Kathleen Hunt
3) Jacquelin Hernandez

This years contest winners were:
Little Miss: Dakota Cleaver
Junior Miss: Abigail Hernandez
Miss: Kathleen Hunt

Congratulations to ALL of the contestants who made the final decisions very difficult. You are ALL winners and looked beautiful tonight.

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