Month: July 2017

Round Lake Beach Woman Severely Injured in Pit Bull Attack

Round Lake Area News
Family Pet is Killed by Two Pit Bulls A 31-year old Round Lake Beach woman was treated for severe injuries after she tried to separate her family dog from two pit bulls. It happened around 8:00 AM on Sunday morning in the 200 block of S. Channel while she and her 2-year old daughter were in their backyard feeding some wildlife. When the two pit bulls, who had entered her yard, began to attack her dog, she immediately loosened his leash from a ground stake and ran with him into her house. The two dogs chased them and attacked her from the rear, leaving deep wounds on her back. They followed her inside and continued the attack on the family dog. She was successful in pulling one dog's mouth apart to release his grip, only to have the other dog continue the attack. She then used a child'