24 Hour Laundry Opens In Round Lake Beach

The new 24 Hour Laundry in Round Lake Beach is not your parent’s memory of their age of laundromats! No Sirree! Back when I was growing up in Chicago people talked about owning a laundromat or McDonald’s and being set for life. Those local neighborhood laundromats often had about twenty washing machines and ten driers but they were always busy. A quarter used to do a wash load and a dime was enough to get the clothes dry enough to bring them home.

Fast forward fifty years and step inside the new 24 Hour Laundry Depot at 1030 N. Cedar Lake Road next door to historic Scotty’s Hot Dogs. Here you will find in the vicinity of SEVENTY state-of-the-art stainless steel washers and around FORTY stainless steel driers. The old Mom & Pop laundromats may have had a couple of heavy duty washers for doing rugs but at the 24 Hour Laundry Depot they have washers ranging from 20 pound loads all the way up to 60 and 70 pounds!. You can leave your quarters at home since today’s laundromat washers are a bit hungrier, in the $2.00 and up range.

You will find someone on duty to assist you, an ATM machine, coin changer, washing supplies for purchase, pop and munchie machines, LOTS of big screen TV’s (Dad won’t miss that Bears game!), and a very unique play area for toddlers complete with their very own TV. There are plenty of nice shopping carts to move your clothes from washers to driers as well as comfortable seating areas.

We spoke with co-owner, Dominic Chiovari, who said that the Village was easy to work with as the owners purchased and cleared an entire block to build this huge laundromat. Chiovari also said that the building was wired for Wi-Fi for those that want to bring their laptops or web enabled devices.

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