$3.8 Million Dollar Projected Deficit a Challenge for District 116 School Board

State of the Round Lake Area District 116 Finances presentation March 8, 2012
State of the Round Lake Area Consolidated School District 116 Finances presentation March 8, 2012

At Thursdays special Round Lake Area Consolidated School District 116 school board meeting, Superintendent of finances, Bill Johnston, put on a one hour Power Point presentation showing the “3.8 million dollar deficit” challenge that lies ahead for the School Board. Although listening to someone read the words on the main screen for an hour can become a real yawner, the picture that was painted was not a pretty one for Round Lake Area School District 116. The presentation’s emphasis was on getting the point across on a level most could understand rather than the language a financial consultant might normally use.

Although there is a projected revenue shortage of $3.8 million, the goal of the Board is to make the necessary decisions that are needed in order to balance the budget for school year 2012-2013. Charts that were displayed clearly show where revenue will be lost as well as projected expenditures. After the presentation School Board President Nanci Radford and School Superintendent Dr. Constance Collins took questions from audience members for an additional half hour. The meeting was sparsely attended which was a shame considering the effort that went into putting together the presentation. Parents who may see some future services and programs cut in order to balance the 2012-2013 budget would have had a better understanding as to ‘Why” if they had attended this extremely important meeting.

You can watch the one hour presentation below. The microphones went silent after a few minutes into Mr. Johnston’s presentation so, even with enhancing the volume prior to uploading, there may be portions that are a bit hard to hear. The tables that the Board members sat at were moved closer to the edge of the stage which allowed us a better view but it caused a lot of over-exposure in the video. Several Board members commented after the meeting that sitting directly under the bright spot lights made it very difficult for them to see the audience (so expect them to be moved back a bit at the next special meeting).

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