$450,000 Settlement in Avon Assessor Hiring Practices

$450,000 Settlement in Former Assessor Bryce Carus hiring practices
$450,000 Settlement in Former Assessor Bryce Carus hiring practices
Just when taxpayers thought they were going to get some relief from Avon Township, along comes news of a $450,000 settlement in a lawsuit filed by former fired employees. It was reported that both sides have agreed to the lawsuit settlement filed by the former employees, alleging that their First Amendment rights were violated as well as being subjected to political discrimination.

The ex-employees had supported the former assessor, Rick Dishman’s, re-election bid during the last election instead of Bryce Carus who resigned for health reasons in June of this year.

After being told that they were fired, Carus went on a hiring spree that included friends and family, including his son, Sean Carus, for $23/hr even though he had no real estate, assessment, or appraisal experience and whose only job was reportedly working as a janitor.

As part of the settlement, Avon Township admitted no guilt and what is not covered by insurance is sure to work its way back to the taxpayers wallets.

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  • LCTruth

    If one reads the article correctly, it is an insurance settlement. So the cost to the taxpayers appear to be grossly inaccurate, but then again it is the Daily Herald which could not complete against some high school newsletters.
    I look forward to hopefully hearing the township’s side of the story, I am sure it is quite different from what is being reported.
    Gene…you are appear to have a rapport with them, can you do a piece from their perspective?

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