A “Cup of Joe” With Joe Walsh in Grayslake

A "Cup of Joe with Joe" (Walsh) Grayslake 9-10
A "Cup of Joe with Joe" (Walsh) Grayslake 9-10
Saturday, September 10, 2011, Congressman Joe Walsh held another one of his “Cup of Joe with Joe” get togethers at the Last Chance Saloon in Grayslake. These smaller, informal meetings are nothing like his typical town hall meetings. About the only thing that is missing is a fireplace with some burning logs as he sits casually with about two dozen constituents and talks about the latest events happening in Washington. The “Cup of Joe with Joe” meetings are open to all questions from anyone in attendance and can sometimes get a bit testy. At this meeting a union carpenter named Rodney was quite vocal about free-trade agreements and recommending Americans buy products made in the USA. At the end of the video you will see that Walsh and Rodney were still friends even if their views on free trade may vary.

Walsh talked about quite a number of items during the hour long meeting including the President’s job plan (and why he didn’t attend), the Illinois redistricting map, when he might announce where he will be running in 2012, the recent Republican debate, and many other topics.

Anyone who has eaten at the Last Chance Saloon knows that it’s not the brightest place to try to shoot a video and it caused considerable problems with my camera’s auto-focus in several parts of the video. (After awhile it does correct itself.)

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  • Gene Carey

    I don’t know much about Dold but you are right, LC Truth, about starting to follow him. When will he hold a town hall meeting next and will it be in one of his established neighborhoods rather than in the Round Lake Area? Is he as easy to reach out and touch like Walsh is or is he more like Bean, hard to find? I will have to find out more about him in case the redistricting map holds up to the Court challenge.

    I DID like the tax relief bill that Dold introduced even BEFORE Obama’s job’s speech. Now he just needs some co-sponsors to get it moving through both Houses.

    I will still cover Walsh as long as he keeps making appearances in (current) District 8 since he will still be my Rep for awhile and does visit with his constituents to let them know what’s going on in Washington. I haven’t stopped by your ‘eyeonJoe’ blog lately but I’m sure you are able to muster up plenty of negativity to write about there. Hopefully you wrote something about NObama’s jobs plan that is nothing more than taxing the rich to pay for everything which he KNOWS won’t go anywhere. When will he actually give a budget to the House to vote on? When will he actually give the House his jobs plan to vote on, rather than saying they ‘must pass it right away’. A republican has introduced the ‘American Jobs Act’ and stole NObama’s jobs plan name simply because it’s never been formally presented to the House or Senate yet in writing. There is a lot of things the Prez talks about but continues to hold back on actually submitting them to Congress because he knows he doesn’t have the votes necessary and doesn’t want to look defeated.

    Is it 2012 yet?

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