A Great Day to “Touch-A-Truck” at Avon Township

It was a perfect day to stop by Avon Township’s 3rd Annual “Touch-A-Truck” event at the Avon Township Center on Saturday, September 8th. Skies were blue, there was a nice breeze, and plenty of rigs were on hand for everyone to climb up into the drivers seat and pretend they were the operator. A couple of firetrucks from Round Lake and Grayslake were popular with the kids as was the Grayslake Police car. The police officers, who had a new Ford Interceptor on display, were handing out police tattoos and wrist bands. I sat in the small area where someone taken into custody would have to sit and found it to be EXTREMELY tight quarters. They no longer allow detainees the luxury of the entire back seat and instead have it partitioned off with Plexiglas so that their rifles and other gear can be kept inside the vehicle rather than in the trunk.

Our new neighbors at FedEx in Grayslake came through at the last minute and provided a huge supply of bright green bags for the kids that also had a reflective strip going down the sides. These will be great to use on Halloween! Thank-you, Gabe, for being part of the event on such short notice.

There were a few other reporters besides myself at the event and I caught a shot of Lyn from the Market Journal as she hovered overhead in the bucket from a local tree trimming service (you can see us filming each other in the video). Avon Township Supervisor, Sam Yingling, also took a ride up in the bucket to get a birds eye view but was unable to convince Avon Township Clerk Lisa Rusch to take to the air! Instead, she elected to stick to Mother Earth while driving away in a new John Deere tractor (not really, who would give someone with that crazed look in their eyes the keys!) Just kidding, Lisa!

I don't think we really want to give Township Clerk Lisa Rusch the keys just yet!
I don't think we really want to give Township Clerk Lisa Rusch the keys just yet!

Parents who remembered to bring their cameras along were not disappointed with so many vehicles for the kids to sit in as well as a “bouncie’ unit to also burn up thet youthful energy.

Willard Helander's office was on hand to register voters
Willard Helander's office was on hand to register voters

Willard Helander’s office also had a table set up for people to register for this November’s election. I was surprised to see how much activity was at the table and even asked one middle-aged gentleman if this was the first time he would be voting. He told me that he had recently moved to the area and had not re-registered here yet. Others that I spoke with thought it was a wonderful idea and took full advantage of it. I can’t recall this being done at previous events but even if there was no election coming up it might be a good idea to include the registration table.

The video below is just random shots of a public event. I don’t take the time to get everyone’s name since they know who they are and can share it with family and friends. ENJOY!!

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