A Successful Shredding Day at Rep. Yingling’s Hainesville Office

At No Cost To The Taxpayers

PaperTiger mobile shredding truck
PaperTiger mobile shredding truck

I got there just in time to see a small amount of files being shredded before the truck left Illinois State Representative Sam Yingling’s new Hainesville office. According to Representative Yingling there was no cost to the taxpayers as he had teamed up with AT&T to offer the free service.

Along with Yingling and his assistant, Kate, we watched as the mobile shredding truck carried his old files up to the top of the machine where there was a mirror that allowed the operator to view the shredding being done. There were two plexiglass windows that allowed a clear view of how full the truck was and as you can see in the video below it was full (look at the higher one near the rear of the rig). Representative Yingling stated that he hopes to do this more than once per year.
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