A “Tweet” Deal For Students At District 116

The students in the Round Lake Area Middle Schools should be all ‘a twitter’ over the awarding of $850,000 in stimulus money for upgrading the schools technology. Through the outstanding efforts of the administration these funds, which are part of a $10 million federal stimulus grant, will be used to purchase new laptops for every student in the middle schools. That means that each student in the sixth through eighth grade will hopefully have access to a school owned computer during the 2010-2011 academic year.

These grants were awarded to school districts who showed a substantial need for improved technology as well as having a higher than average number of low-income households. Only fifteen schools across Illinois received a portion of this grant money, so our hats are off to everyone at Round Lake School District 116 that played an important role in securing these funds.

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  • editor

    This is a wonderful opportunity for those families who are unable to afford a computer for their children. However, it makes me wonder how they will get on the internet at home if funds are not available for the monthly service.

    Let’s also hope that math is still an important teaching since so many young people CAN’T make change at a register if you give them a different currency amount AFTER they ring up the total (which then calculates the change for them). And that doesn’t just go for young people, as many checkers haven’t got a clue how to make correct change if you decide to give them something different than what you originally offered and end up screwing up their cash drawer. Too much dependency has been given to calculators and many have forgotten their school math teachings.

  • Agreed. I hope the district actually starts to use them within it’s curriculum (sp). Right now I see it as a nice window dressing but no substantial use of a teaching tool. Let’s face it more than half the teachers can’t or won’t use email let alone any other technology.

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