AFP Town Hall Meeting On Illinois Progressive Tax Plan ~ Grayslake

Americans for Prosperity held a town hall meeting Thursday evening at the Grayslake Village Hall Community room in an effort to raise grass-roots opposition to the idea of a progressive income tax in Illinois. David From, AFP’s Illinois State Director, opened the meeting and introduced Republican State Representative David McSweeney who spoke about the effects a progressive tax would have on Illinois taxpayers. McSweeney was followed by AFP’s Andrew Nelms who included several slides during his portion of the presentation. Those in attendance were urged to call their local State Senator, Melinda Bush, and State Rep Sam Yingling, to express their concerns about any upcoming progressive tax proposals.

Below is the full length 1-hour presentation for those who would like to hear the presentation.

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  • Dave M

    But if 47% of wage earner’s State Income Tax will go down under a “progressive system” and that 47% happens to be middle class Illinoisans…isn’t that a good initiative?….Illinois revenue goes up and many pay less?
    Better yet why not just 6% of income whether you make 10,000 per year or 100,000,000 per year.

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