Ages 20 and Over Get Ready To Buckle Up!

A bill requiring backseat passengers twenty and over to buckle up passed the Illinois House and is headed towards the Senate. Representative Mark Beaubien (R-Barrington Hills), the bill’s chief House sponsor stated that “It makes all the sense in the world” and the number of lives saved from the enforcemnet of the front seat law tends to back up his claim. Once law enforcement was allowed to stop drivers strictly for failure to use their seatbelts, traffic deaths dropped by 33 percent, according to IDOT.

There are opponents of the bill such as Representative Monique Davis (D-Chicago), who stated “Get that seat belt buckled in the front. We know that saves lives. We have research. We know it. The back seat? I’m not so sure.”

The bill passed the Illinois House by a vote of 61-55 and now heads to the Senate. It would add Illinois to the list of 11 other states that require backseat seat-belt usage for all passengers including neighboring Indiana and Wisconsin.

It is not known just when it will come up for vote in the Illinois Senate nor whether Governor Pat Quinn would sign it if it were to pass.

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