All Hands On Deck At Rollins Road Gateway Project

County reported that freights don't run on weekends but here's one on Saturday
County reported that freights don’t run on weekends but here’s one on Saturday

It’s a Saturday but with all the activity going on at the Rollins Road Gateway project you would never know it. Crews continue to play “Beat the Clock (weather)” as they scramble to get Hainesville Road opened up to traffic on the new route by November 8th. That will allow them to close down Rollins Road for the two weeks needed to install the new rail crossing, signals, gates, and remaining asphalt. The County mentioned in one of their updates that the rails would be installed on two weekends since trains do not run on weekends. However, at 11:00 this morning I waited for a freight train that was crossing on Shorewood heading north to Rollins.



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