Another Big BINGO Winner Announced at Kristof’s

The place to be on Wednesday nights is definitely Kristof’s Entertainment Center and World Of Fun located at 421 W. Rollins Road in Round Lake Beach. Bingo winners are walking away with thousands of dollars and it’s FREE to play! Players start out with a six-game packet of cards with the last game being the Jackpot game. For the Jackpot game they only draw a limited number of letters which is why the jackpot continues to grow from a starting amount of $2,000.


This week they presented Heather Reich with a check for $7,000. Heather lives in Crystal Lake and is an unlikely candidate to be playing bingo at Kristof’s and thus be the happy recipient of such a large amount of money. As luck would have it, a good friend suggested that they stop there and play a few games.  Turns out that Kelsey Jordan, who lives a block or two away, told her father Steve Jordan who then suggested it to Heather. On their first visit they had so much fun that they returned the following week and as the final number was called for a chance to win the jackpot, Heather hollered out BINGO!!


When asked what she planned to do with her winnings, Heather said that she was going to give some to charity, some to her Mom, and some to her three daughters. In the video you will see people arriving and getting ready for Bingo night. Before they got started, Heather was called up on the stage and presented with her winning check. Her family and friends were there to help her celebrate.

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