Are Residents Taking Advantage Of Their Villages

Sure, we have had an unusual amount of storm damage, with MANY trees toppled over and pulled out of the ground. BUT, are trees that were NOT effected by the storms being cut and the branches being placed by the curb for the villages to remove instead of the private contractor?

During today’s walk I saw a big tree that JUST toppled over into the channel. I walk by this tree everyday and know that it just happened and will require the village crews to remove it.

This tree just toppled over into the channel in the past two days.

Then we spotted a tree still on top of a garage that is obviously from storm damage. I believe this house is vacant which may explain why it hasn’t been removed yet.

Garage of vacant house still has a tree on top of it

By the boat launch there was a private contractor removing a HUGE tree and placing the branches along the curb as if the village was supposed to get rid of them.

Contractor is placing branches by the curb expecting the village to haul them away

The tree looks healthy to me and may just be coming down to satisfy the homeowners concerns.

The tree appears to be quite healthy and all of the branches by the road had clean cuts

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