Area Cleanup Continues From July 11th Storm

Typical street scene showing area cleanup needs
Typical street scene showing cleanup needs

Crews will be back for the larger tree trunks
Crews will be back for the larger tree trunks
Crews were in my neighborhood with their mulching machines, picking up and chopping up tree branches that have been laying by the side of the roads. I had the remnants of three trees stacked quite high which took the crew about an hour to remove. Since I have yard waste service I told them that I would do the final cleanup and put the loose twigs and leaves in my six yard waste barrels. After completing that project, the area got mowed so that the afternoon sun could dry it out nicely and get it ready for another rainstorm. We’ve included several photos that we took from our daily walk just to show what the crews have to deal with. I asked them about the big tree trunks that are still laying in yards and right-of-ways and they said that they would be back with bigger equipment to haul the larger stuff but for now they needed to get the branches removed. I have seen a number of non-city crews working to assist in getting the debris picked up. Thanks to all who are out there in the sweltering heat helping to get everyone back to normal again.

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