Armstrong and Pryde Withdraw From Avon Township Race

Only two candidates now on ballot for Avon Twp. Supervisor

Judy Armstrong withdraws from Avon Twp. Supervisor race
Judy Armstrong withdraws from Avon Twp. Supervisor race

A small paragraph in today’s Daily Herald announced that Judy Armstrong, who was running for Supervisor for Avon Township  on the Avon Strong slate, announced her withdrawal last week. The short paragraph also stated that Annmarie Pryde, running for Trustee on the same ticket had recently withdrawn as well.

Armstrong was quoted by the Tribune as saying, “My withdrawal is a one woman’s revolt against the current state of campaigning for public office. Mudslinging was once confined to federal races, but has trickled down to state and even local elections. I had three choices: get down to their level, lie down and take it, or walk away. I have dedicated my 35 plus years in community service and as a citizen to being the change I want in our government, and I want to be the start of ending negative politics.”

A closer look at the Avon Strong website shows that both Armstrong and Pryde actually withdrew their candidacy back on January 31st:

Judy Armstrong
Candidate for Supervisor
Judy withdrew her candidacy on January 31, 2013

Annmarie Pryde
Candidate for Trustee
Annmarie withdrew her candidacy on January 31, 2013

A snapshot of the page as it appeared on Jan 27, 2013 18:29:10 GMT

Meet the Candidates:

Judy Armstrong, Supervisor
Patricia A. Smart, Clerk
Wayne George Flary, Assessor
Robert D. Kula, Hwy. Commissioner
William McNeill, Trustee
Cathy deGroh, Trustee
Jeanne Kearby, Trustee
Annmarie Pryde, Trustee

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  • MadisonS

    A clear loss for the community and a sad commentary on what people will do to win. What goes around comes around and I suspect Ms Armstrong and Ms Pryde will be vindicated with the eradication of those who who are stooping to bullying. We mothers do not tolerate bullies.

  • Round Laker (ish)

    Gene – this was not reported by the Tribune, rather an article uploaded by Jeanne Kearby. Additionally, I have watched this race unfold as a local elected official and I too am disgusted with this race. But for very different reasons…

    Judy Armstrong continues to say that all these negative attacks are flying and mudslinging has trickled down to local races. Huh? What mudslinging? I have yet to see one published article, one flyer in my door, or one voicemail on my phone saying anything negative about any candidate.

    This is crazy talk and quite frankly, if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Don’t give me any of this ‘one woman’s revolt’ mumble jumble. Judy got in over her head and realized the great job Avon Township has done over the last 4 years thus withdrawing. However, not a graceful one.

    • by Gene Carey

      @Round Laker (ish) ~ You are correct in that it was NOT reported by the Tribune (I hadn’t looked at who authored the article when I read it, thinking it was one of their reporters).

      Doing a Google search for keywords such as “judy armstrong withdraws from township race” brings up no search results other than the short paragraph in the Daily Herald that initially brought it to my attention. Armstrong’s response to my inquiry about the DH paragraph referred me to “….the official press release, which I believe you received.” (which I did not).

      It was mentioned to me by others that Armstrong objected to having to disclose emails and other things dating back in time as part of her reason to withdraw. I will, however, mention that there ARE people out there trying to dig up dirt on candidates as we get closer to election day. I’m sure that we can all expect some “trash talk” in our mailboxes showing things about candidates that they will not have sufficient time to respond to by April 9th. An example is a keyword search that led the viewer to a page on my site when they searched for “jim dietz round lake negatives”, an obvious effort to find some dirt. Other news media as well as my site showed up in the search results simply because I had tagged the article with Dietz’s name.

      Thinking our local races will remain ‘clean’ down the home-stretch may be wishful thinking. It would certainly be a breath of fresh air, considering what goes on in places like Island Lake.

      • Babs Stanke

        I have to disagree with Round Laker ish in regards to what the current Avon Township group has accomplished. You just have to google Avon Township. There is only one name associated with Avon Township and he is no longer there. The people on the current ticket have NO accomplishments that you can find through table top research and no vision for tomorrow (very weak website). They are running on the accomplishements of the person who is no longer there. They had four year to make a name for themselves and they didn’t. Perhaps they are feeling lost right now.
        This looks like open season for the township with no clear advantage to the incumbents. Good luck to all!

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