Reverse Calling ~ Does Anyone Pay Attention?

If you are like me you get quite a number of auto-reverse directory calls (even though I am on the Do Not Call List). Our Village uses this system quite frequently to announce important messages such as snow parking restrictions at the beginning of the winter season, water boil notices, as well as major weather warnings.

One company that also uses the system a lot is our local waste hauler to let us know that there will be a delay in picking up our garbage, usually due to a Holiday. We received such a notice that applies to this week as well as next week, letting us know of a one-day delay. Did it do any good? Take a look at a few photos below taken from just one local intersection and you be the judge. Is it that so many people have dropped their land-lines in favor of just cell phones or VOIP calls or do they simply hang up thinking it is just another sales call? I’m sure that you can register your cell or VOIP number with these companies and your local village so that you are sure to get their notices.

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