Avon Action Candidate “No Confidence in My Running Mates”

A Chink in the Avon Action Armor

During the early part of this seasons campaign, the Avon Township slate running as Avon Strong lost its leading candidate for Supervisor as well as one of their trustee candidates. But as political winds tend to blow, they may have picked up a new “partner” with similar interests from the Avon “Empty Chair” Action slate, thus leaving that slate short a candidate instead. Although trustee candidate, Chris Larson, will still be listed on the ballot as an Avon Action slate candidate voters can complete a foursome by selecting the three from Avon Strong along with Larson if that is the slate of their choice. Or they can pick and choose from equally great candidates on the Independent slate headed by Douglas Raul Williams. In any case, Larson has made it quite clear that he would not find working with his current running mates desirable. That leaves him as the “wild card” in this race! This blockbuster (or should I say slate-buster) revelation came out at Wednesday’s candidate forum when all were asked how they felt about their running mates.
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