Avon Action Slate A “No-Show” at Candidate Forum

No explanation given for incumbent Supervisor slates absence

Joan Kaltsas, LWV Lake Forest-Lake Bluff moderator
Joan Kaltsas, LWV Lake Forest-Lake Bluff moderator

For reasons unknown the Avon Action candidate slate boycotted the recent Avon Township Candidate Forum sponsored by the Village of Hainesville and moderated by Joan Kaltsas from the League of Women Voters Lake Forest-Lake Bluff branch. Candidates from Avon Strong as well as Avon Independent were on hand to field numerous questions from the audience.

Normally when a candidate in attendance is there without his or her opponent, they only get two minutes to make their remarks and no questions are asked. At last nights meeting, Supervisor candidate Douglas Raul Williams had plenty of questions thrown at him and got plenty of time to express his platform and candidacy.

The same went for the only candidate who showed up for Avon Township Assessor, Avon Strong candidate Wayne George Flary, currently a Deputy Assessor with Lake Villa Township. who also fielded numerous questions regarding tax bills, tax appeals, etc.

Trustees candidates and Highway Superintendent candidates from both the Avon Strong and Avon Independent groups spent the better part of the meeting answering questions.

Those who attended were:
Douglas Raul Williams – Avon Independent
Cathy deGroh – Avon Strong
Jeanne Kearby – Avon Strong
William McNeill – Avon Strong
Hal Sloan – Avon Independent
Wayne George Flary – Avon Strong
Robert (Bob) Kula – Avon Strong
James De Nomie – Avon Independent
Patricia Smart – Avon Strong

A voice mail left for the head of the Avon Action slate was not immediately returned.
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  • Hello Gene,
    I had a previous engagement that could not be changed and advised when the invitation arrived. Avon Action is running on its record of lowering the tax levies by 22%. We have also lowered expenses by 20% and cut inflated salaries by 30%. We did it all while expanding services. We are committed to the people of Avon Township while not duplicating services. Our Highway Department incumbent Tom Brust is committed to helping the areas in Avon Township with their needs. One thing on deck is working with the grant he recieved to repair Circle Drive in Highland Lake subdivision.

    Unfortunately, I have a previous engagement for the next candidates forum as well. My door at the township is always open as well as emailing me at lisa@ avontownship.us.

    Thank you,
    Lisa Rusch
    Avon Township Supervisor

  • by Gene Carey

    I saw that you may have been chaperoning for the Cook Memorial Library which you may have felt was more important than being at the candidate forum. Can you answer for the others who are running for trustees, assessor, and highway commissioner on your slate? Did they all have other commitments, as well, and will we be seeing any of them on Tuesday at the upcoming forum?

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