Avon Assessor Ditton Threatens Legal Action Over Any Credit Card Restrictions

Doug Williams says "Let Assessor Ditton sue!"
Doug Williams says “Let Assessor Ditton sue!”

At Monday nights Avon Township Monthly Board meeting one of the hot topics on the agenda was the use of prepaid credit cards. As you may recall during the last election there was an Avon Township newsletter sent out to specific addresses but nobody on the Board at the time would say who authorized it or how it was paid for. After the election newly elected Supervisor Lisa Rusch appeared to throw the outgoing highway commissioner, who was not at the meeting, under the bus by finally naming him after a barrage of questioning about WHO was behind the newsletter and WHO authorized payment. From what I understand, a large portion of the printing and mailing costs were paid for with Assessor Chris Ditton’s prepaid credit card. The video below is an hour and forty three minutes long but you can listen to several segments of it where Assessor Ditton’s correspondence to the Board states that he will seek legal counsel (and sue) if his credit card is revoked, restricted, or if the Board interferes in any way with his office (45:55-47:40). During the audience participation portion Douglas Raul Williams, who ran and lost for the Supervisor’s position, said Ditton has proven he is irresponsible with a credit card and to let him go ahead and sue (1:40:00-1:40:55).

Other things on the agenda were the tax levy for 2013 which they voted to raise 1.7% even though they may not seek to collect that amount (1:27:00-1:29:00+)

Bob Kula, Avon Twp. Highway Commissioner
Bob Kula, Avon Twp. Highway Commissioner

Getting back to credit card usage for emergencies only, newly elected highway commissioner Bob Kula was questioned about the purchase of water using his prepaid card. You can hear that conversation at (38:05-39:10). We need more people like Bob in elected positions. He reminds me of when I first started managing a Grayslake real estate office and saw what the office was paying for a case of copier paper and printer cartridges. For half the price I could go to Sam’s club or Office Depot, throw a half dozen cases in my trunk, and drastically reduce the shared agent expenses. Same went for all the printer cartidges we went through. Kudos to Bob!

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