Avon Community Garden Harvest Begins

What a difference a month makes when it comes to garden crops. I hadn’t been by the Avon Community Garden and Food Pantry Production Farm for a month but was in the area today and snapped a few photos. As you can see, if you compare it to the July 2oth post, the garden is now reaping results. There was a new volunteer, Julio Duran, busy picking tomatoes to take inside to the Avon Food Pantry. He just started volunteering today but said he would be out of work for a month and rather than sit home watching TV, he decided to become a volunteer. He had already weeded a good portion of the tomato area and planned on doing even more in the days ahead

Some of the other residents plots were also looking good and well maintained

It even looked as though someone has started some more pepper plants. I’m not sure if there is enough growing season left for these little guys.

There is always a need to help control the weeds and water the plants so if you have some spare time and would still like to volunteer call Wendy Warden at 847-401-1135


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