Food Pantry Garden Starting To Take Shape

At Monday night’s Avon Township meeting, Township Supervisor Sam Yingling put on a power point presentation describing in greater detail the planned Community Garden and Food Pantry Production Farm as it is now being called. It will be headed up by Wendy Warden, President of The Avon Township Community Foundation. The food pantry will be ‘farming’ an area consisting of approximately 3,000 S.F. in three long rows. The initial crop will consist of potatos, tomatos, zucchini, and eggplant using organic seedlings from the Prairie Crossing Learning Farm. An even larger area will consist of four separate sections divided into 10×20 plots for residents to rent at an annual rate of only $35. For those offering to share their excess crop on a weekly basis, the fee drops to only $20 per season. The well thought out design of the “Gardens” includes what is sure to become the focal point once harvest time arrives. That will be the eventual gazebo planned for the ‘Gathering Center” of the four parcels. Here, volunteers and residents will be able to relax and share their gardening stories with each other. Until additional funds are available a couple of picnic tables in the ‘Center” will have to do.

As of Monday evening there were about 14 plots still available to rent. Tools will be available for residents and volunteers and water will be pumped from the aerated retention pond in the background of the photos below.

Now if Mother Nature would just co-operate and give us two or three days without rain, maybe Landscape Concepts would be able to get in, remove the sod, and till the soil so the volunteers can get started.

Sign up for our RSS feed (top right) as we keep you updated with newer photos as things progress. The location is directly behind the Avon Township offices on Washington Street and if you would like to reserve a plot or volunteer please call Wendy Warden at 847-401-1135 


Food Pantry Production Farm Looking North
The Horticulture Department at the Community College of Lake County
designed the garden space as a class project

Food Pantry Production Farm Looking South
The Prairie Crossing Learning Farm Team then staked and flagged the plots.

Landscape Concepts will strip the turf and till the plots

Seedlings donated by the Prairie Crossing Learning Farm, waiting to be
planted, include potato, tomato, zucchini, and eggplant.



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