Avon Independent Candidates Fundraiser

A Little Cold Weather Didn’t Keep Supporters Away!

Candidate Doug Williams and State Senator Melinda Bush
Candidate Doug Williams and State Senator Melinda Bush

On a very chilly evening plenty of supporters of the Avon Independent group of candidates running for Avon Township positions showed up at their “Meet & Greet” fundraiser at Charlie’s in Grayslake. There were also a number of people like myself who came to meet the candidates that we didn’t know a lot about. Several candidates who are running on various slates in the local Round Lake Area elections were on hand as well as our new State Senator, Melinda Bush.

Since this group of candidates ran into a bit of a delay over challenges to several of their signed petitions, they are running behind on having their website up and running. I spoke with the fellow who is working feverishly to get it up online and was told that it should be “live” by this coming weekend. When it’s ready, you will find it located at www.AvonIndependent.com.  The short video below may help to introduce the candidates to those of you who do not know all of them.
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  • Round Laker (ish)

    “A Little Cold Weather Didn’t Keep Supporters Away!”

    Gene – I really appreciate this blog because it is highly local news, something this community needs. However, I feel you have a tendency to provide favorable coverage to those you are personally supporting. WHERE WERE THE SUPPORTERS? Thats the thing, you can’t take a video, upload it, and claim there are ‘supporters’. Other than the 5 candidates, their spouses, a couple people who volunteered on Ilya Sheyman/Melinda Bush’s campaign…where are the supporters?

    A friend of mine lives on the same block as Tom Brust and goes to St. Gilberts with Chris Ditton, she invited me to the Avon Action fundraiser at The Vine a short time ago. Although I couldn’t make it, I didn’t read anything on your blog here about the event. I do find it interesting that you have now covered Avon Strong and this odd Avon ‘independent’ group’s fundraisers.

    Goodbye objectivity…

    P.S. It was an extremely hot day during the summer and I wanted to volunteer for Sam Yingling. So I attended one of their weekend walks. I got paired up with who is now the current Avon Township Supervisor LISA RUSCH. During the walk she talked about how great Melinda Bush was and that Lisa would be voting for Melinda Bush… I didn’t vote for Melinda Bush, I won’t vote for Melinda Bush, and I can guarantee that now Lisa Rusch won’t be voting for Melinda Bush. 2 votes down and counting – for Melinda Bush, she won by a slim margin…reelection is gonna be tough if she keeps this up.

  • by Gene Carey

    @ Round Laker (ish), I try to cover whatever events I can and do not play favorites. I was unable to make James Dietz event as well as Lisa’s event. Avon Strong held theirs at Renwood, I believe, and I was unable to make that one.

    I have Yingling’s open house on my calendar for Friday and a few marked for March such as D46 “Meet & Greet” at RLB Panera Bread. I’m always open to accepting photos from others and either putting them into a little video or posting about the event if anyone wants to send me things. As far as who was in the crowd last night, I don’t know all the spouses and others who were there.

    You are making a rather broad assumption about the number of supporters that were there since you don’t know when I arrived, how long I stayed, and at what point in time I took the photos. I can tell you that all the stools were filled as well as the round tables when i got there and it would be rather rude of me to simply walk in and start taking flash photos of everyone without mingling a bit. There were people that came and went during the time I was there so everyone is NOT included in the video. If you ever saw me at one of these functions you would see that I chat with people I know a little bit, shoot a bunch of photos, talk with the candidates, and tape the speech if they make one and then I leave. I’m sorry if that comes across as not being objective.

    PS: I also stopped by both “Meet & Greet” events by the two slates running in RLP but didn’t take any photos or videos at either one, although I had my camera with me. At Kathy Pender’s event, I arrived close to the end and simply got to know each candidate better as the bulk of their crowd had already left. At Linda Lucassen’s event, by the time I arrived the group was pretty well spread out throughout the bar and pool hall area and I didn’t want to take photos of patrons who were not part of the fundraiser. You can verify with each of them that I DID make the offer to shoot a video at any time and anyplace of their choosing with just a simple phone call.

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