Avon Township Appoves Funds For New Website

While local District 46 discusses updating their website to improve its search-ability, the Avon Township Board approved funds for a new vendor to design, host, implement, and train personnel for a brand new website. The Township already has a new logo to go with their new site. The approved cost was approximately $2,400 with the Trustees tabling, until they have a chance to see the new site, whether to pay a monthly or hourly maintenance agreement.  This cost was more than offset as they also voted to switch cleaning services at a savings of $3,600 per year, accepting the lowest bid received.

In additional business they voted to retain the current legal firm on a month-to-month basis for the next six months after the new annual fee more than doubled. The monthly fee will be based on the new annual figure while they obtain other service provider bids. Supervisor Sam Yingling stated that even at the increased amount, it was still low and doesn’t expect others to be any lower. The attorney was allowed to state the reason for the cost increase but the trustees felt more comfortable seeking other bidders based on the platform that they campaigned on.

A motion to approve bills already paid failed since it included payment for health insurance for employees that two Board members claimed to be totally unaware of it being provided. This led to several attempts to do a line item removal of the one particular bill but that effort failed for lack of votes. The main sticking point was that the bill was already paid and that raised the question of how do you go about getting the money back. The legal council appeared to lack the advice that the Board needed to overcome this stumbling block and thus the entire motion to approve was tabled. Supervisor Sam Yingling was visibly upset and even stated that he was not willing to go out on a limb in the future by paying bills if the Board was unwilling to approve them. That led to one Trustee saying something to the effect of “You can’t just be a one-man show” implying that several trustees had no previous knowledge of this health care payment decision.

$1,500 was approved by majority vote to have a retirement party for a 25 year veteran of the highway department.

Avon Township Assessor, Bryce Carus, took up a lot of time during the meeting to explain how an individual had come into the assessor’s office with a strong gasoline smell on his clothes due to a spill while filling his tank. This concerned Carus who asked if the current security system was designed to alert employees or if it was capable of being added for safety issues. Supervisor Yingling indicated that he would follow up on the request and report back to the Board.

We already mentioned that Yingling showed a power point presentation about the new Avon Township Food Pantry garden project being handled by volunteers along with several organizations offering their time and expertise.

Next scheduled Avon Township meeting is Monday, July 12th, 6:30 PM at the Avon Township office building, 433 East Washington, Round Lake Park

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