Avon Twp. Assessor Bryce Carus Resigns

Avon Township Assessor, Bryce Carus, resigns
Avon Assessor, Bryce Carus, resigns

Bryce Carus who ran on the Avon Forward slate back in 2009 resigned his position as Avon Township Assessor last Monday evening, although no mention of it was made at the Avon Township Board meeting held that same night. Carus originally ran announcing that he, too, would return the pay increases passed by the previous board but later claimed he had told others on the slate that he had changed his mind and would not. One would have hoped that he would have invested some of that extra money in some decent attire, as he generally showed up for work in worn out T-shirts and blue jeans. Not quite what a taxpayer would expect a Township official to be wearing. He also took some heat for hiring his young 20 something son, Sean Carus, at $23.08/hour who had no experience in the field of assessing properties.

Carus cited health issues as his reason for resigning. In the interim, Bob Glueckert, a former Lake County Board of Review member, will serve at a weekly rate of $1,250 with no paid benefits.

Trustee Chris Ditton will seek certification
Trustee Chris Ditton will seek certification

At a special Board meeting, Wednesday, the Avon Township Board voted 3-1 to have Trustee Chris Ditton obtain a Certified Illinois Assessing Office certification at Ditton’s own expense. Although Trustee Ditton is a practicing real estate attorney, Trustee William McNeill voted against the motion stating that this should not be a Board action. McNeill also felt that Supervisor Sam Yingling should not have transferred the budgetary and personnel authority to the Avon Supervisor during the time it takes to appoint a new Assessor.  Trustee McNeill stated that it has the look of politics involved, especially if the delay in appointing a new assessor takes the  two to three months required for Trustee Ditton to obtain his certification. McNeill, who ran on an opposing slate in 2009, argued that the Board pushing Ditton to obtain his certification clearly shows that the Board’s goal is to make Ditton the next Township assessor.

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  • Daniel Ryan

    Regarding your Bryce Carus article, it is very unprofessional to comment regarding someone’s attire when you are reporting on their resignation. It was also in poor taste to comment about his son. I would think that someone, maybe your editor, would have pointed this out to you.

    • Gene Carey

      Daniel, Thanks for stopping by. You obviously have never seen him in his office or out on official business. Our elected officials should not be looking like the homeless. As far as his son, I am against nepotism.

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