Avon Township Food Pantry To Get Larger Budget

If the proposed budget for the Avon Township’s food pantry gets approval, the budget will double from $53,000 to $110,000. In the same budget presented by Township Supervisor, Sam Yingling, the amount spent towards general assistance would be cut almost in half, from $102,000 to $55,000. General assistance services deals with residents needs for such things as prescription drugs, shelter, help with utility bills, food, and other basic necessities.

Yingling noted in his budget proposal that while the food pantry had experienced a tremendous increase in clients, often over 100% from the previous year, the general assistance funds being used was only 25% of the budgeted amount from last year.

Another interesting item mentioned by Yingling was the planned vegetable garden, with the general assistance staff overseeing the volunteers.  This already sounds like a great thing to plan on signing up for to help our local neighbors in need. So, get yourself a new pair of gardening gloves, brush off your straw hat, clean up your garden tools, and let’s all plan on making this a great spring and summer project.

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