Avon Township May 9th Board Meeting

At the May 9th Avon Township Board Meeting, the 2011-2012 Annual Budget and Appropriations Ordinance was approved along with several other items on the evenings agenda.

There are several items that I question in the annual budget such as $4,000 budgeted towards “website development” for the Avon Township Road District. Why would another website be needed rather than just a tab on the current Township site for items pertaining to roads and bridges? Another item that stands out is $10,000 budgeted for “equipment and supplies” for the Food Pantry Farm & Community Garden. I was under the impression that this was mostly voluntary and most of the work was donated such as the original tilling, etc. We all know that when vegetables all come into season at once they no longer maintain their current prices. Based on last years reported harvest of 1,000 pounds, if you take an average of $.69/lb. you could have bought them for $690.00. This year they are doubling the size of the garden area but even figuring 2,000 pounds of harvested vegetables, at an average of $.69/lb. you would still be under $1,500 by simply purchasing them. The figure seems grossly out of line. We welcome your opinions as well.

The video starts AFTER the meeting was called to order, the pledge was recited, the agenda approved, the previous meeting minutes approved, and the public participation was offered without anyone speaking up. The main part of the meeting lasted a little over twelve minutes at which time the Board adjourned and went into Executive Session. When they returned, it was only to formally motion to adjourn the meeting for the night.

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