Avon Township Monthly Board Meeting 10-13-14

Website down, Assessor’s doors locked, continuing budget discussion and more…..

Lisa Rusch, Avon Township Supervisor
Lisa Rusch, Avon Township Supervisor

Prior to the October Avon Township Monthly Board meeting, members held a Finance Committee meeting. During the finance meeting there was discussion on the 2013-2014 financial report and audit as well as the tax levy, passed by the previous administration, which has left the Township struggling with a drastically reduced amount of funds.

Discussion also centered around the number of taxable properties in Avon Township compared to other townships, the number of tax appeals being handled by each over the past four years, and the assessor budgets. Avon Township currently has 23,902 taxable parcels. The number of tax appeals for 2014 is 1,395 (5.84% of total parcels), down from 1,788 in 2013, 2,775 in 2012, and 1,585 in 2011.

The video below is the 18 minute Finance Committee meeting.

At 7:00 PM the regular Avon Township monthly meeting began. It lasted approximately 43 minutes and included reports from the Supervisor, the Highway Commissioner, Assessor, Clerk, and Trustees. Supervisor Rusch started her report by announcing that the Township website was currently down and explained the reason why (2:17 – 3:53 video marker). She thanked her staff (6:44) for doing the best they can to help those who come in seeking help from the Assessor, only to find his office doors locked and a note on the door telling them to go to Waukegan. She also thanked those who made this years Touch-A-Truck event another great success. Rusch was also very pleased to announce that the two bathrooms that were remodeled came in way under budget. Rusch also mentioned that over the years the health department, that leases space in the Township Center, has been paying for the water being used throughout the complex except for the Supervisor’s office (13:30). It should be just the opposite, with the health department only being billed for their leased portion. Modifications to the billing have been updated which will result in higher water bills for the Township that could result in several hundred additional dollars per month. Highway Commissioner Bob Kula gave his report (8:20). That was followed by Supervisor Rusch reading a portion of Assessor Ditton’s report which had been posted earlier by Ditton complaining about how budget cuts had forced him to close his office and lay off his staff.  Rusch didn’t read the entire report but made it available to anyone wanting a copy of it (12:47). Clerk Kearby did not have anything to report nor did any of the Trustees.

There was discussion to continue supporting the NW Demo in the amount of $8,000 (18:27). The NW Demo is a partnership of numerous townships joining together to offer seniors door-to-door transportation. Another item on the evening’s agenda was a request from Assessor Ditton to move funds around (21:56) in the assessors account to make payroll. During the second public comment portion an audience member, Rod Drobinski, asked several questions regarding the website that is currently down as well as about the number of hours the assessor is in the office (35:00-38:20). Another audience member, Bill Burns, ask if the Township could possibly help out with funds to help families who are about to get shut-off notices. Supervisor Rusch mentioned that the Township, like others, will not fund prior to an actual shut-off notice being served but offered to meet and discuss matters further with Mr. Burns (starting at 38:20).

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