Avon Twp. Needs Your Feedback on Tax Levy

This coming Monday, December 12, 2011 at 6:30pm, the Avon Township Board will be considering substantial tax levy reductions to its three tax levies and they are looking for support from the local residents. In the last fiscal year the Township generated over a $170,000 surplus which they want to use to reduce the tax levies for the upcoming year. Overall they are looking at a collective reduction of over 13% (between the funds) but they need the support of the local community. These levy reductions will in no way reduce the level of service the Township has been providing the residents but rather reflect the cost efficiencies they have put in place at the Township. The Township really needs to hear from the residents as this is their money that is at stake. Residents are not obligated to attend the Monday evening meeting but if they can call/email/write their support of a tax reduction initiative that would be very helpful for the board to consider.

Residents can call the Avon Township Office at 847-546-1446 x1 and register their comment with the operator. If residents wish to contact Township Supervisor Sam Yingling directly, they can do so at Sam@AvonTownship.us

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