Other Say Tax Hikes, Avon Township Says Cut Fat


The Avon Township Board will be considering a reduction in the Township’s tax levy at this Monday night’s (December 13, 2010) monthly board meeting. Being considered will be an overall Township tax levy reduction of approximately 7.2%.

“When seeking office, we made a commitment to the taxpayers to reduce the levy by 8.7% over the course of the 4 year term of office. In just these past two levy cycles we will achieve a total tax reduction of 7.9% and I am confident we will well exceed the 8.7% reduction we promised the taxpayers”, stated Supervisor Sam Yingling, “The culture of unnecessary taxation and bloated bureaucracy must come to an immediate end.”

Sam Yingling
Avon Township Supervisor
(847) 546-1446

The largest levy reduction will be from the Township’s Road and Bridge levy in the amount of 41%. Additional levy reductions being considered will be in the Town of Avon levy in the amount of 3.7% and the Permanent Hard Road levy in the amount of 1.7%. This is the most aggressive local attempt to cut costs, streamline budgets, and provide taxpayers with the greatest tax relief during these challenging economic times.

“The State keeps talking about tax increases and service reductions,” Supervisor Yingling said, “But it’s time to discuss how to make government more efficient, eliminate waste and duplication. We must recognize that Illinois has one of the highest numbers of taxing entities in the country. We must consolidate these taxing entities and reduce costs. We must look at overall Township reform.”

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  • LC Truth

    Based on reading the newspaper, I believe this is the only taxing entity in Lake County that is reducing it’s request for revenues from taxpayers.
    That guy looks pretty young. This could be the solution to our outlandish property taxes in Lake County, vote out the good OLD boys, and bring in the young. And he recognizes the fact that Illinois has more taxing entities than any other state. Can we mint him and get him elected to other positions in Lake County?

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