Avon Twp Site Online After Rep Yingling Lets Domain Expire

Avon Township website down over a week after Sam Yingling failed to renew domain

Sam Yingling at LWV forum
Sam Yingling at LWV forum

The residents of Avon Township will once again be able to contact Avon Township through their website as well as find out what Avon Township has to offer as their website slowly returns to normal with a whole new look after Representative Sam Yingling failed to renew the domain or forward the notices according to the current Supervisor, Lisa Rusch. Right now there is only some basic information on it including an announcement about the upcoming Committee of the Whole meeting which will be on October 27th.  Email addresses for the Township officials and departments have not been added yet so you may need to call them instead. Often times when a site starts using a brand new format, what you see now may not end up being the final product. For one, the font size on the new site seems to be extremely small and will be difficult for many, with poor vision, to read. Also, many may miss seeing the navigation tabs located at the upper left rather than being somewhere near the header picture itself. When designing a site nowadays, developers must also keep in mind that many people are viewing the site on a tablet or smart phone which will make the wide-angle header graphic and small fonts even harder to see. Just imagine what that photo will look like on a small screen.

New Twp site

It’s still not clear why the Avon Township website domain was allowed to expire

The website went down about a week ago as was reported here on October 13th. You can read that article HERE as well as watch a short video that was shot during the recent Avon Township Board meeting when the website was being discussed. It’s still not clear whether or not it was intentional to simply ignore the renewal notices or an oversight although it is common knowledge that there is an ongoing rift between the current Supervisor, Board, Assessor, and Yingling. Whatever the reason may have been, the residents ended up on the losing end, being unable to contact or get information from the Township, the Assessor’s office, or the Food Pantry through the Avon Township website.

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