Yingling to Cole: Put the Taxpayers First!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yingling to Cole: Stand by your convictions, put the taxpayers first

Avon Township Supervisor Sam Yingling
Avon Township Supervisor Sam Yingling

Round Lake Beach – Avon Township Supervisor Sam Yingling, an advocate for government financial reform, called on his opponent for the Illinois 62nd House District Sandy Cole to not participate in the General Assembly Legislative Scholarship Program, one of which that has been plagued by corruption, scandals, and on going FBI inquires. On March 3rd, 2010, a bi-partisan bill (HB 4685, which ultimately failed in the State Senate) was passed by a vote of 80-39 in the House of Representatives, Rep. Cole being one of the ‘Yes’ votes to eliminate Legislative Scholarships. Yingling’s remarks come following statements made by Representatives Ed Sullivan and Kent Gaffney from surrounding districts that they were eliminating their offices Scholarship participation. Sullivan and Gaffney now join the ranks of roughly 33% of their colleagues in voluntarily suspending participation in this program.

“With our State Government in financial distress, I commend Representatives Sullivan and Gaffney in their effort to save money. This is why today I call on Rep. Cole to follow suit and suspend her participation in this program.” said Yingling.

The taxpayers of Illinois were on the hook for $13 million in 2011 due to the General Assembly Scholarship Program. “Illinois’s bond rating was once again downgraded and the state must save money wherever it can. Eliminating a program that several elected officials have abused is a great starting point.” Yingling stated.

“Rep. Cole has a pattern of voting one way yet acting another. In this instance, she supported the elimination of General Assembly Scholarships and yet she continued to award them.“ Yingling said, “It is this type of behavior that gives elected officials a bad name. The 62nd District deserves better, elected officials must stand by their convictions and make tough decisions. I call on Rep. Cole to suspend this program immediately and start to put the taxpayers first.”

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  • LC Truth

    I think this guy might go places. A new breed of Democrat…young energetic and already making a difference in his community.

  • Steve

    The real “sucker” of money on this program is the employees of the universities that get the waivers too-the legislative awards are a drop in the bucket.

    This issue is so frustrating, should it be discontinued yes- bigger problems all over this state- this seems to be a media darling since no one is supposedly hurt-how many of those kids will not go to college without this program?

    what is 22 million in a state that is 10 billion in debt? yes a start, so many bigger wastes of money than this handout.

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