Avon Township Tax Levy Hearing Nov 14th

Sam Yingling, Avon Township Supervisor
Sam Yingling, Avon Township Supervisor

UPDATE:  We were just informed that the regular meeting WILL take place on Monday the 14th but the Tax Levy portion will NOT be on the agenda since they are still waiting for some final numbers. Stay tuned for further details or visit the Township’s site at www.AvonTownship.us


November 10, 2011

*****For Immediate Release*****
Sam Yingling, Avon Township Supervisor

Avon Township will hold the township’s Annual Tax Levy Hearing on Monday, November 14, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. The Township Center is located at 433 E. Washington Street, Round Lake Park, Illinois. During the hearing residents will hear discussions regarding the proposed 20% reduction of the Town Levy and a 50% reduction of the Road & Bridge Levy. These proposed reductions follow the township’s trend of reducing the tax burden on property owners in the township for the third year in a row. Township Supervisor Sam Yingling said, “This is our third tax levy hearing to reduce taxes and we generated a record surplus last year. We want to set the example that with prudent management, the property tax burden can be reduced on the residents”. Township residents are welcome to attend.

Avon Township Center, 433 E. Washington Street, Round Lake Park
Avon Township Center, 433 E. Washington Street, Round Lake Park

Avon Township encompasses Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Park, Round Lake Heights, Hainesville and parts of Round Lake, Grayslake & Third Lake Illinois

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  • If Avon Township’s Board or any other school or tax district is truly on the side of the taxpayers, they will levy what the County Clerk extended (that is, asked the County Treasurer) to collect in real estate taxes last year.

  • Gene Carey

    Not quite sure if I understand what you are saying, Cal, but I do know that my assessed value FINALLY dropped drastically after waiting for three years for it to happen even though home values were tanking every year (almost $40,000)

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