Avon Township Website Gets A Face Lift

The old Avon Township website which wasted a lot of viewing area and had very little fresh information on it just got a face lift. The new look is definitely a big improvement over what the Township had used in the past. It is much more informative, easier to navigate, and has a nice refreshing look to it.

There is now a place for the Budget Hearing (currently a blank page because that time period has passed) along with the Annual Budget now being posted on the site rather than having to waste a lot of time trying to find it elsewhere. What’s even MORE impressive is the site will now include YTD Expenditures! You can also request a FOIA with clear instructions on just how to go about doing it.

This is truly a step forward in government transparency and the current slate of Trustees has shown that their goal is to serve the community in a positive fashion (such as returning pay increases passed by the previous administration).

We’ve included a couple of screenshots to show the old and new which I’m sure that you will agree is a big improvement.


Old Avon Township website had very little current information on it.



New Avon Township website is easy to navigate and is loaded with current information

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