Food Pantry Production Farm Finally Gets Tilled

With a short break in the rainy weather, Landscape Concepts was finally able to get their equipment on site and till the Community Garden and Food Pantry Production Farm located behind the Avon Township Center. It appears as though the process that was used to stunt the sod and turn it into nothing more than dead grass allowed it to simply be turned under rather than having to remove it altogether. With the deeper soil still being considerably wet, it kept the tiller from ‘pulverizing’ the soil so it looks more like what you would find on a farm field, rather lumpy. That just means wherever they plant the veggies may have to be broken up a bit with a garden fork once the soil gets a little drier. The ruts will actually create good drainage if left as is on the unplanted areas. If you would like to reserve a plot or volunteer please call Wendy Warden at 847-401-1135

Community Garden and Food Pantry Production Farm

UPDATE 6-20-10: Wendy emailed me that there had been a lot of activity at the ‘farm” so I did a drive-by on Sunday and sure enough all the plants that had been waiting to get planted were now in the ground, thanks to the volunteers. They were looking a little on the weak side before being planted due to the long wait and still look as though many will struggle to survive. They all looked like they could use a healthy drink from the pond but the weatherman is predicting rain tonight. Wendy also mentioned that two more plots were rented over the weekend so don’t delay if you want to do some gardening. It’s only $20 per season if you donate your excess crop. You can see that one of the residential areas looks like it got some more tilling or raking since it now looks much smoother on the surface.

Volunteers finished planting three rows of vegetables 6-19-10

Residential plots get additional tilling

While we are on the topic of gardening we want to mention that residents of Round Lake Beach can get all the mulch they want at no charge. After purchasing a couple bags at Thornton’s and realizing that they really don’t cover much, especially if you want a 2″ bed, I decided to investigate what the Village had to offer.  To my surprise it’s pretty decent mulch!

Round Lake Beach “FREE” mulch for residents onlyVillage of Round Lake Beach FREE Mulch Pile

After scoping out the pile of mulch at the Public Works building on Lotus, I took a rake, shovel, 3 lawn and leaf bags, and two large plastic storage containers to fill up. The containers fit on the back seat and the three bags sat upright snugly in my open trunk without any bungee cords. I wound up making TWO trips to get the amount of mulch required to cover a new row of Blue Holly shrubs 60′ long by 1.5 feet wide by 2″ deep.

How the free mulch looks once rain & watering rinses it off

Imagine what this amount of mulch would have cost if purchased.
Thank you, RLB!

Those little plants you see between the shrubs are 14 tomato plants for supplying the Avon Township Food Pantry with some fresh vegetables in addition to what they grow and obtain from other sources. The mulch, placed over black perforated landscape plastic, will cut down on the need to water so often as well as eliminate the need for any pesticides to keep weeds under control.  🙂


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    We were expecting thunderstorms but ended up having a very nice ‘gentle’ rain (with a little thunder mixed in) that will definitely help the new plants. It shouldn’t have damaged any of them and gave them a badly needed soaking. This is the type of weather we are being told to expect over the next several days along with temperatures in the mid 80’s. Just right for tomato and other veggie plants! Stop by and see for yourself the “farms” latest progress. Better yet, rent one of the available 10×20 plots and plant your very own garden. Call Wendy Warden at 847-401-1135 for more details.

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