BeachFest 2011 Hot Dog Eating Contest

BeachFest 2011 Hot Dog Eating Contest
Sponsored by Scotty's Hot Dog Stand
1016 N. Cedar Lake Road, RLB

At the 2011 Round Lake BeachFest the winner of the hot dog eating contest, sponsored by Scotty’s Hot Dog Stand, was last years winner as well (in the red T-shirt). Consuming a total of 16 hot dogs, he bested his previous record which was 14 at the 2010 BeachFest contest. With Trustee, Larry Mount, officiating the event, spectators cheered them on. One contestant apparently felt that fanning her mouth would help them go down easier. I question why anyone would try to eat stooped over, thus pressing on the stomach, as a couple of the contestants did. You will notice that the winner never bent over as he casually out-consumed the others and won the $100 first place prize money.

If this sounds like a lot of hot dogs to consume, consider the winner for the last four years of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Circuit, Joey Chestnut, of San Jose, CA who holds the world record for eating 68 Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs and Buns in 10 minutes and will seek his fifth straight title this July 4th at Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY.

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