Bean and Walsh Finally Debate – Well, Sort Of!

It took another effort by the League of Women Voters to finally get Congresswoman Melissa Bean and Republican / Tea Party Candidate Joe Walsh together for a debate along with Green Party candidate, Bill Scheurer. The LWV labeled it as a forum since the candidates were not allowed to directly ‘debate‘ their opponents, with questions coming from the Grayslake Advanced History students as well as from the audience.

It got off to a rough start, not because of the candidates comments, but because someone in the audience wanted to know if the Pledge of Allegiance was going to be said. That brought a response from the moderator, Kathy Tate-Bradish, that the LWV does not recite the Pledge as a rule.


With that said, the entire auditorium stood up and recited the Pledge!  Rather miffed by that, the moderator scolded the audience for being disrespectful to her and from then on ran an extremely tight ship, interrupting the speakers several times to tell the audience to stop the side conversations due to the great accoustics of the auditorium.

Four history students, Teddy Ludwick, Kathryn Harrsh, Hinal Patel, and Kyle Hiera, asked the initial set of questions offered up by the students.

The students government instructors were also in attendance.

Even though this wasn’t exactly the type of debate challenger Joe Walsh has been looking for, it did cover most of the bases. And as usual, the answers were right in line with what they have all been saying up to this point with no real surprises. If I had to pick a winner tonight it would be the Green Party candidate, Bill Scheurer, who had the best solutions to our countries economic situation, health care, gun control, term limits, and the other topics raised.

Green Party Candidate Bill Scheurer (knocked it out of the park tonight)

Republican – Tea Party Candidate Joe Walsh still challenging Melissa Bean to more debates.

Incumbent Congresswoman Melissa Bean

We have a lot of notes and will add some additional comments on Thursday but I’m sure you will see write-ups in your daily paper in greater detail since there were plenty of reporters in attendance.


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