Benkadi Benefit With The “Wassa Wassa!” Drummers

Another evening of enjoyment at the RLB Cultural & Civic Center

On Saturday, April 20, 2013, there was a Benkadi Benefit hosted at the Round Lake Beach Cultural & Civic Center to raise funds for the Benkadi Project. The Benkadi Project is affiliated with Motherland Rhythm Community which is a 501c3 non-profit music organization which aids the people in Guinea, West Africa and offers programs in the US. This particular event was specifically held to raise additional funds for their Biosand Water Filter Project. One Biosand filter which is made out of cement, sand and rock provides clean water for a family of ten for more than ten years.

How a Biosand Filter functions
How a Biosand Filter functions

They had several miniature, functioning, biosand filters on display showing how dirty water would come out clean after passing through the biosand filter. You can watch a short YouTube video showing exactly how they function HERE. I spent almost two hours there listening to the Lake Forest College West African Drumming Ensemble play multiple arrangements. During that time they announced that they had raised $750 which would provide funding for two family-sized biosand filters. Later in the evening it was announced that $1500 in donations had been raised. I’m not sure what the final figure was but I did record a good portion of the “Wassa-Wassa!” ensemble and included over an hour of it in the video below. The lighting was kept low which in turn effected the video quality.

“Benkadi” means “To live together is very good” in the Malinke language.

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