Will Gomez Wind Up on The District 116 Board?

Mellody Gomez ~ Will she seek the vacant Board seat?
Mellody Gomez ~ Will she seek the recently vacated Board seat?

Mellody Gomez lost her recent bid to become one of the Round Lake Area District 116 School Board members. However, with the recent relocation of Board member Tammie Hanna to San Juan Capistrano, California, there is now a vacancy in need of filling. Will Gomez seek to fill the position?

Interested parties need to contact Dr. Constance R. Collins, Superintendent of Schools, by May 23rd. Applicant must be a registered voter and a district resident for at least one year.

Eligible citizens interested in being a District 116 School Board member need to follow the directions specified HERE. These are four year terms, so make sure you have the staying power and time to commit to the position.

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