BOIL WATER ADVISORY for Round Lake Beach

Boil Water Advisory is in effect for Round Lake Beach
Boil Water Advisory is in effect for anyone using water from the Village of Round Lake Beach
The Village of Round Lake Beach public works has issued a precautionary ‘BOIL WATER’ advisory until further notice for anyone receiving their water supply from the Village of Round Lake Beach. There were main valves that were shut off unintentionally causing a drop in water pressure that may have allowed contaminants to enter the water system. The village issued the following instructions:

Cooking and Drinking Water:
Boil vigorously for at least FIVE minutes before cooking or drinking water supplied by the Village of Round Lake Beach. Allow water to cool sufficiently before drinking it.

Dish washing:
Immerse and rinse dishes in clean tap water containing ONE teaspoon of unscented household bleach to each GALLON of water.

There are no problems bathing in the water without treating it.

For additional information or questions, contact the Public Works Department at 847-546-8752

UPDATE 8-11-11 at 11:30 AM
The BOIL ADVISORY has been rescinded (removed) and residents can go back to normal usage including drinking. Samples were approved by a State certified laboratory on Agust 11th and we were notified around 11:30 AM.

On a side note, I noticed a problem with water pressure around 9:30 AM this morning when my kitchen faucet started acting up and wouldn’t fully shut off. Apparently it needs full water pressure to push the interior mechanism into a closed mode. I even went so far as to shut the valves off under the sink to stop the water dripping and figured that I had a plumbing job to look forward to this afternoon. Everything has returned to normal. Luckily the coffee I had with breakfast was left over from yesterday.

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