BOYCOTT Sears in Illinois this Holiday Season

Boycott Sears in Illinois this Holiday Season!
Boycott Sears in Illinois this Holiday Season!
With SEARS holding a gun to the State of Illinois’ head and threatening to abandon their site in Hoffman Estates if they don’t get additional tax breaks, it’s time to fight back and reverse the roles. Sears had every opportunity to recoup their infrastructure expenses during the original time allocated for the tax incentives. If SEARS squandered that opportunity it is NOT the State of Illinois nor the taxpayers and schools who should bail them out further.

SEARS threat to have an answer from State legislatures by the end of the year needs to be answered by the taxpayers who will once again come up on the short end of the stick. All Illinois residents need to send a message to SEARS ‘by the end of the year’ that we refuse to have a gun held to our heads. Hit SEARS in THEIR pocketbook just like they want to do to Illinois Taxpayers! If SEARS does not wish to remain in Illinois then ‘we the people of Illinois’ don’t want your goods and services.

Toss out their Holiday fliers and DO NOT shop at Sears in Illinois this Holiday Season. Make it their WORST year-end ILLINOIS sales reporting on record. Wrestle that gun away and reverse the roles of aggressor. Show SEARS that we mean business and do NOT accept their strong-armed threats to move.

It’s high time that we stood up to these big corporations who keep demanding more tax incentives to keep them here. This applies to the CME Group as well, who are also threatening a move if they do not receive additional tax breaks.

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