Brad Schneider Blasts Bob Dold and Tea Party

Brad Schneider ~ Candidate in Illinois Congressional District 10
Brad Schneider ~ Candidate in Illinois Congressional District 10
In a recent announcement to his followers, Democratic candidate Brad Schneider blasted his Republican opponent Bob Dold along with the Congressional Tea Party members for their stance on the recent extension to the payroll tax holiday.

It will be interesting to see if everyone can come to some type of agreement before the two-month extension runs out or if both parties continue to play the blame game until the primaries are over. My bet is that they won’t come to any long-term agreement!

Below is Brad’s email notice:

You responded and the House GOP climbed down from their tree. Your calls helped move the Tea Party Freshman to finally do the right thing for 160 million working Americans. Your voice made a difference.

As they did last summer with the debt ceiling, and again this fall with the Super Committee, Rep. Bob Dold, along with House Republicans, spent much of the past month playing political games in Washington. They needlessly and inexcusably put millions of working families at risk.

Hundreds of people like you signed our petitions and many called Washington urging Rep. Dold to push for an immediate extension to the payroll tax holiday. Finally, he and his Tea Party cronies came to their senses and supported a temporary extension of the payroll tax holiday so that Congress can have the time to work out the full details of the 12-month extension both sides agree is necessary.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Why it is that the Tea Party Freshman in the House could not immediately see what 89 Senators, including 39 Republicans clearly saw? Simple answer, too many individuals putting partisan politics and their own self-interest ahead of the needs of the middle class. We can change this nonsense by changing our elected representative

What do you think are the chances of any long-term agreement being reached and who do you blame for the gridlock?

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  • LCTruth

    I blame extremism. In 2010, as a nation we moved too far right and by overwhelming numbers. When you have domination, you end up with grid-lock. In 2012, we are going to shift back to the left, but I hope America got smart and we don’t go to the extreme left. I believe with a simple majority, you have a much better chance at compromise and true bi-partisanship.

  • Gene Carey

    LC ~ A simple majority is something that I can strongly agree with you on. Both sides are then required to work together knowing that neither has enough votes to get their way. What we are seeing now is leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth and the outcome of the 2012 elections will be tough to project.

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