Brad Schneider (IL-10) Releases New Television Ad

Brad Schneider ~ Candidate in Illinois Congressional District 10
Brad Schneider ~ Candidate in Illinois Congressional District 10
Yet another candidate, Brad Schneider, has released a new television ad as we come down to the wire for the March 20th primary. Below is his latest press release.

NORTHBROOK, IL – Brad Schneider released a new television ad for the 2012 primary. The ad, titled “Bogus” rebuts the false attacks made by the Sheyman campaign and its out of state allies, while touting Schneider’s progressive values and Democratic endorsements.

 “Ilya Sheyman and his allies are spreading deliberate lies about me and my record,” said Schneider.  “It is unfortunate that they have resorted to the kind of misleading accusations that are the tactics we have come to expect from the Tea Party. The Chicago Tribune was right to call these absurd attacks ‘bogus.’  I will continue to share my lifetime commitment as a Democrat to working families, a woman’s right to choose, protecting the environment, marriage equality, and small business with the voters of the 10th district so that we can beat Bob Dold in November.” 

Schneider is the most locally supported candidate in this race.  The two major newspapers in the 10th district, the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald, endorsed Schneider in the past two weeks.  He has also been endorsed by House Democratic Whip Congressman Steny H. Hoyer, State Senators Susan Garrett and Jeff Schoenberg, former State Representative Julie Hamos, Maine Township Democrats, Vernon Township Democrats, IBEW Local 134, Ironworkers Local 63, Bricklayers and Allied Workers District Council of Illinois, Chicago Painters Local 163 and the Transport Workers Union Illinois-Indiana State Conference.

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  • Irina

    Brad Shneider,

    What do you think about our ally Israel? Do you care about Holy Land and people of Israel?

    I would like to let you know, Russian Jews would not support you and obama, no way. Think of Israel at first.

    We support Bob Dold not you and your liberal cronies.

  • Jaik

    Irinia should move to Israel perhaps if she votes only on Israeli issues and thinks of them before America. In any case Obama has been very supportive of our ally Israel, without being a lapdog.

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