Bryce Carus, C’mon Down and Bring A Check!

Bryce Carus, With individuals reporting that you DID state in your campaign that YOU would also return the pay increases approved by the previous administration, why not JOIN the group in the photo below? Hoping that you will finally own up to your election promises, we took the liberty of including you along with your fellow running mates. So, c’mon down, Mr. Carus, and smile for the camera and be sure to bring a check along with you!

Also, please explain to those of us who may be a little on the ignorant side, how a young 20-something kid is qualified to make assessment modification decisions. How many homes has he owned? How many baths and bedrooms has he updated and knows the costs of such upgrades? How many similar properties has he actually been in or is it just a numbers (S.F.) game? What is his knowledge of what makes one type of floor plan worth more than another? How did you arrive at the hourly pay ($23.08/hour) that Sean Carus, your son, is earning? How many others were interviewed for the position? We, the voters of District 116, would like to know a little bit more about your son’s previous experience compared to others who may (or may not) have been interviewed.

We look forward to your response.

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