Did Bunker Strategy Kill Bean’s Re-election Bid

The liberal media will continue to spin the Joe Walsh upset over incumbent Melissa Bean long after the final results are in. But what it all boils down to is Bean’s failure to stand in front of her constituents and answer questions regarding her voting record. The media continues to say that Walsh ‘taunted’ her relentlessly to debate him, but the truth is the VOTERS wanted to hear from her. Bean and her campaign handlers use the excuse that she didn’t want to have town hall style forums because the Tea Party faithful would only disrupt them. Well, we hate to tell you Congresswoman Bean, but those same Tea Party voters ARE a part of your constituency and it is your job as their elected official to explain WHY you voted as you did. If you were convincing enough, those Tea Party voters may have voted for you since they are not in lockstep with the Republicans, many being Independents.

Your handlers advised you to simply ignore the Republican candidate, Joe Walsh, even though anyone with any tracking skills could see that he was gaining strength from Day One. You, with your business consulting background, had the tools necessary to  utilize the Internet to promote the bills and projects that brought revenue and jobs to Illinois. Yet, you and your handlers elected to only use negative advertising when you saw the going getting tough. And, you waited until the last few weeks to do that, continuing to hide out in your bunker. You are familiar with the old saying “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!”

To call the League of Women Voters forum a ‘debate’ is also flawed since it was ‘controlled’ by teachers and an Obama leaning moderator, Kathy Tate-Bradish. There were only about two ‘select’ questions that were introduced from the audience and those conveniently favored your platform. 

The voters in the 8th Congressional District deserved more from you, Congresswoman Bean. They deserved answers to WHY you voted on major spending bills when your constituents were losing their jobs and their homes. They wanted to know why you voted to put such a burden on their children and grandchildren. They wanted to know why you wouldn’t hold local town hall meetings prior to the health care vote. They wanted to know why you had goons hovering over voters when they asked questions about your voting record. They wanted to know why your local meetings at Jewel Stores weren’t allowed to be recorded?

Melissa Bean’s “Bunker Strategy” may have cost her the election

Congresswoman Melissa Bean, it’s now time to come out of your bunker one more time and concede this election to challenger, Joe Walsh!


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  • LC Truth

    I don’t believe this was an issues driven campaign. It was about who was better at mobilizing their base and it appears Walsh may have won that game. In your area of reporting, there are many precincts who couldn’t even make the 30% turn-out mark or the other extreme, a precinct in your area of reporting that is extremely concerned about pollution in their lake yet the majority of them voted for Walsh who is on record as saying he wants to eliminate the regulatory agency (EPA) that help enact rules about pollution. As you drill down the results, neighborhood by neighborhood, one clear message is derived. In 2010, people voted against their own interest.
    This ain’t over yet….there are several thousand ballots to be counted

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