Cedar Lake Road Resurfacing Starts This Week

Cedar Lake Road resurfacing areas
Cedar Lake Road resurfacing area (orange)
One of the many projects on this years agenda by the Lake County Dept. of Transportation is the resurfacing of Cedar Lake Road in Round Lake Beach. The work is scheduled to begin THIS week on the southbound lanes and will extend from Rollins Road to Rosedale Court. The Cedar Lake Road resurfacing project is expected to be completed sometime in November.

I spoke with the engineer on the project, Matt Mitchell, at the Lake County Department of Transportation who told me that because Cedar Lake Road is a five lane thoroughfare, traffic in the direction opposite the resurfacing should not be effected. They will only be doing single lane resurfacing so that the asphalt seams are not where the bulk of the traffic flows. That would still leave one lane still open for traffic in the direction of the resurfacing. If any wider equipment requires more space (width) to operate or they need additional space for the semi-trucks, they will have flaggers to route the vehicles safely around the work area.

In any case, it might be a route that you will want to avoid when commuting. Please continue to support the businesses along the route during non-commute times since they will need your support.

If you have any questions contact the Lake County Department of Transportation at 847-377-7400. School starts in Round Lake on August 17th so please drive safe and watch for children in the crosswalks, especially those who may be distracted by the road construction..

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