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The Daily Herald ran an article: “Bean, Walsh spar over uncounted
I posted the comment presented below. It was removed WITHIN MINUTES.
Not only that, my posting privileges were immediately revoked!!!Here is my post which so offended the editors:

“There are facts not covered by the Daily Herald

1) The Bean campaign requested of the Cook County Clerk, and
received, a list of all those who had requested absentee ballots but
had not returned them.

2) The list included addresses and phone numbers.

3) Bean’s campaign also requested and received an image file of a
blank absentee ballot.

4) Fearing repercussions, the Clerk’s office also made these
available to the Walsh campaign.

5) By this, the Walsh campaign was alerted to apparent chicanery on
the part of the Bean campaign.

6) Walsh also requested that envelopes of absentee ballots be
retained for verification of postmarks, pending a TRO requiring this.
The Clerk’s office refused and discarded the envelopes.

7) The roster of absentee voters included residents of mental
rehabilitation facilities and nursing home residents with dementia.

Lastly) The pro-Bean ratio of votes in the Cook County absentee ballots is
statistically anomalous.”


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  • editor

    Even when comments are removed readers who signed up for notices of any new comments get to read them. Thus, they may be commenting about ‘a deleted comment’ as someone did when quoting the missing comment with: “No surprise that they would go to “residents of mental rehabilitation facilities and nursing home residents with dementia”.

    The DH comment police would have to spend a lot of time analyzing each and every comment to keep someones message from getting out by others commenting on deleted comments. (Now I’m getting dizzy going in circles!)

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