Central Air vs. Door Props At Avon Center School

It was reported in the Daily Herald by Bob Susnjara yesterday that the Avon Center School, which many Round Lake students attend, was considering the possibility of installing air conditioning for the next academic year.  They claim that the design of the windows and hallways prevents good air flow.

What is interesting is that it’s being discussed about a building that has gotten by without A/C since 1950. I can remember when my 42 year old daughter attended Beach Elementary and we simply asked her teacher if she could bring a 20″ box fan to school to help cool the room. I still have that fan with our family name still written on the top and it served her classmates well for several years until she went on to the Junior High School.  Most schools, other than the old Chicago ones, only have a small crank-out window at the bottom of the larger window to allow them to be opened during the rain, so Avon may not be unique in its design.

What really caught my attention in the article was the comment by School Board President Mary Garcia when she reportedly said “It’s the new lockdown procedures. We have to be able to close that door in an instant and lock it. And you cannot do that with a prop.” when responding to why doors couldn’t be opened in an effort to allow fresh air to flow into the room.

Just what type of ‘prop’ was she referring to? Most of us would simply use a rubber doorstop that could easily be kicked out of the way. Or how about a big old U.S. history book that Glenn Beck claims are  not being used? Maybe she is thinking more in terms of a prop like the one shown below:

Avon Center School's Door Prop?


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