Charges In Death Of Melissa Best

Melissa Best
Melissa Best

The brother-in-law and his wife, Charles Best and Sherrie Best, have been criminally charged in connection with the death of 34 year old Melissa Best whose body was discovered in her abandoned van in the Grays Pointe Condominium complex parking lot in Grayslake on April 24th.

Clint Best’s brother, Charles Best, has been charged with concealing a death while Charle’s wife, Sherrie Best has been charged with one count of drug-induced homicide and one count of concealing a death involving a homicide. The two women were doping when Melissa went into a coma but Sherrie Best did not call 911. When her husband, Charles, came home from work he tried to revive his sister-in-law using CPR, but again no call was ever made to 911. Instead, the two of them carried Melissa’s body down three flights of stairs and loaded it into her van. With Charles Best driving the van and Sherrie Best following in her car, they drove to Grayslake and abandoned the van in a complex parking lot where it wasn’t discovered for several days. Charles and his brother Clint work together at the same Waukegan business, but Charles never mentioned a word during those days about his and his wife’s involvement in Melissa’s disappearance.

Round Lake Park Police Chief George Filenko is expected to release more information about the arrests during a 3:30 p.m. news conference.


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