Classes For Grayslake D46 Students Resume Tuesday

Details of Strike Agreement Unavailable

Students who were effected by the Grayslake D46 school district teacher’s strike will return to school on Tuesday, January 22nd after a tentative agreement was ironed out in the late hours Monday evening. The following message was posted on the schools website.


The District 46 Board of Education and the Lake County Federation of Teachers local 504 have reached a tentative agreement in their contract negotiations, and the three-day school strike has been suspended. Classes will resume at Avon Center, Meadowview, Prairieview, Woodview, Frederick, Grayslake Middle School, and Park Campus on Tuesday, January 22, following the already scheduled day off Monday for the Martin Luther King holiday.

The tentative agreement outlines the terms of a new two-year contract. No details will be shared until it is ratified by the teachers’ union membership and then approved by the District Board, which is expected over the next week or so.

“This tentative agreement is indicative of our shared dedication and commitment to working together to meet the needs of all members of the District 46 community – teachers, students, families and taxpayers,” said Ray Millington, District 46 Board chairman.

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